ACCA is a world renowned accounting qualification, which provides its students with the skills and knowledge pertinent to any business. Obtaining the ACCA qualification will help to enhance your future career prospects and earning potential, as well as heightening the status of any business in which you work.

ACCA Students also have the opportunity to receive a degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and MSc in Professional Accountancy from University of London, allowing you to continue working and still obtain your degrees! Synergy Professionals with its world class facilitators are well placed to address your needs and goals in an ongoing partnership.

Synergy Professionals commenced as an ACCA tuition provider in 2006. This wealth of experience with the ACCA means that we know what you need to do to succeed. We believe that our programmes should fit in with busy work schedules and help develop good professional accountants.

Our aim is for everyone to pass first time. We regularly achieve a 100% pass rate in some of our papers.

Our ACCA lectures are held regularly at weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) with tested and trusted exam focused tuition approach. While we operate standardised programme for June and December sessions every year, we provide tuition for March and September on demand


Entry level

All levels of FIA are open entry, no prior qualifications are required and no age restriction.

  • Introductory Certificate - Equivalent to GCSE
  • Intermediate Certificate - Equivalent to A level
  • Diploma - Equivalent to a Diploma, which is the first year of a degree course
Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting

FA1 - Recording Financial Transactions
MA1 - Management Information

Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting

FA2 - Maintaining Financial Records
MA2 - Managing Costs and Finance

Diploma in Accounting and Business

A prestigious qualification can be gained in between 3-6 months.

FAB - Accountant in Business
FMA - Management Accounting
FFA - Financial Accounting

Certified Accounting Technician

ACCA/FIA students do not need to complete CAT options.
All levels of FIA are stand-alone qualifications. Complete all the above papers plus two of three options:

  • Foundations in Taxation
  • Foundations in Audit
  • Foundations in Financial Management


  • Number of exams up to 13 papers, depending on exemptions.
  • How long does it take ? - Two to four years on average.
  • What else is involved ? - A professional ethics module.


Applied Knowledge

AB - Accountant in Business
MA - Management Accounting
FA - Financial Accounting

Applied Skills

LW - Corporate and Business Law
PM - Performance Management
TX - Taxation
FR - Financial Reporting
AA - Audit and Assurance
FM - Financial Management


The Strategic Professional level is divided into two modules; Essentials and Options. Both of the modules at Strategic Professional level have been set at the same ability level as a Masters degree.

This level builds on the technical knowledge you will already have. It will also explore more advanced professional skills, techniques and values. These are required at a senior level by accountants working in an advisory or consultancy role.

All students have to pass the two papers in the Essentials module. The Options module contains four papers, but you only need to complete two.

Essentials (compulsory)

SBL Strategic Business Leader
SBR Strategic Business Reporting

Options (two to be completed)

AAA Advanced Audit and Assurance
AFM Advanced Financial Management
APM Advanced Performance Management
ATX Advanced Taxation